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Derrylatinee Primary School, Dungannon, Tyrone

Online Safety

Children use a range of technology at home and in school. When learning in school children use the C2K system managed by the Education Authority. It is an excellent online system and the children have access to state of the art technology and resources. The staff of the school are also to trained to use technology effectively in the classroom.

In this modern age children have access to technology and the internet from a very young age. It is extremely important that parents/carers are aware of how their children can use technology and access online resources safely at home.

Children are taught both at home and in school to treat others with respect. It is extremely important that this continues when children are online. At school, children take part in a wide range of online safety lessons that show them how to navigate online safely and how they can collaborate with others on projects in a really enjoyable way.

At home, it is important for children to be reminded of how to interact with others online respectfully and safely. Parents/carers should be aware of the age restrictions on online games and apps. Parents should also be aware that, if unsupervised, children can connect online with children, or even adults from across the world. While technology is an amazing tool, it is very easy for online users to be very disrespectful to others, including their friends without realising how it can effect them.

Here are some important tips:

  • A very useful tip for parents and carers is to begin the conversation about online safety early when children begin school. Ask children the names of the games they play.
  • Make them aware that sometimes other people playing the game can use words or say things that are hurtful and confusing.
  • Remind children to tell and adult straight away if they see or hear something online that they don’t like or makes them uncomfortable.
  • Sit down with children regularly and watch them playing games so that you aware of what is involved in each game.
  • If children are online, keep them in the same room as you if possible.
  • Be very mindful of the minimum age for online games. The vast majority of them, including Fortnight should only be played by children at least 12 years old.
  • If children are online, please, please remind them regularly that they should not give out any personal information like their address, school or personal details.
  • Remind children that they should never agree to meet anyone online and if anyone online suggests this they should tell a parent/carer straight away.

The above tips are important as they keep conversations going between children and adults about online safety so children will feel confident in talking about their online experiences with their parents/carers.

Here are a number of excellent websites from organisations in Ireland and the UK that provide parents and carers with advice and guidance about online safety at home with their children.